ROI Calculations for Sales

A shared document between Seller and Buyer that brings sophisticated financial modeling to the enterprise sales market.

With Minoa, Sales teams can pitch their prospects using both Narrative Slides and Sophisticated Calculations all in one shared document.

A year-long partnership has transformed Minoa from a big vision to a powerful tool.

Tight iteration cycles have allowed Minoa users to see their feedback incorporated every week.

The Business
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The Business
Value-Selling for Enterprise SaaS

Any salesperson worth their salt will tell you that buyers care the most about the value they'll get from your product. Minoa puts sophisticated modeling in the hands of front-line sales teams. Any salesperson can make a deck to clearly outline the Return on Investment of a purchase.

A sales team using Minoa is able to make more financially nuanced pitches, leading to shorter deal cycles and higher close rates.

User types
The salesperson, the manager, and the prospect

Minoa values collaboration and transparency. Functionality like branching scenarios allows all of the commond players in a deal to participate in the calculation. Managers can ensure that their team uses consistent langauge and logic throughout the deal cycle. Prospects can share the deck and calculator internally to build support for a purchase.

Sprint #1
The Calculator

A key feature of the application required developing a simple system for financial modeling. Users with excel experience needed to be able to build sufficiently complex calculations without making the system too complicated for the noobies.

Sprint #2
Opportunities Table

Sales teams structure themselves around business opportunities linked to certain accounts. The homepage table allowed for quick access to recently created documents.

Sprint #3
Command Menu

Within a business case (the name for Minoa's presentation deck) a user can build with familiar text editor blocks and reference sections of their model.

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