The Legacy Brokers

A tool for professional producers to record interviews remotely.

A super niche CRM for business brokers, this application digitized a cumbersome, document-heavy process.

The Legacy Brokers has unlocked a complicated process: they teach people how to list and sell businesses. Today, the instruction works with costly in-person workshops and a complicated web of tools and spreadsheets. They decided it was time to build their process into a platform.

Day 1
Kickoff Call

CEO Zach Thornberg and CPO Ian Folau joined the call, along with two business brokers. Legacy doesn't have an in-house engineering team, for that reason the sprint was intended to accomplish two key goals: Provide a clickable prototype that would help investors understand the vision; offer external development shops with enough documentation to provide an air-tight project scope.

Days 2-3
Discovery Interviews

Legacy put Full Sprint in contact with 5 different independent brokerage firms. The interviews lasted approximately an hour and dove into a Jobs to Be done framework: when selling a business, where does a broker start? What comes next? What tools are they currently using to manage the process?

"We got to the place where he wanted a business valuationWe didn’t know the power of the valuation after we gave it away for free"

Ashley, New Business Broker

DAy 4
Design Round 1

It was clear that in order to provide New Brokers with enough context while still offering a valuable tool to experience business brokers we would need to design out a fairly robust Customer Relations Management system. Luckily, we were able to rely on established patterns for adding and managing contacts. We knew that the novel technology here lay in the Deal Flow page.

Day 5

The team loved our initial explorations, but wanted to focus in on one piece of feedback the discovery interview had bubbled up: valuation. If we could incorporate a simple calculator based on a spreadsheet formula it would go a long way in equipping the new brokers for success.

Days 6-9
High Fidelity Design

We had sketched out the basics of the design, but needed to make it look and feel real for testing. The ClearMix team had some branding done, but we needed to identify how that would translate to a digital product.

Day 10

The documentation for this project was extensive given all the moving parts. It was important that we left the Legacy team with enough information to feel like experts in the platform. Among other things, the delivery included a clickable prototype focused on Deal Flow and the product documentation book.

Sprint Timeline

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