ClearMix Recording Studio

A tool for professional producers to record interviews remotely.

Unlike Zoom or Google meets, the ClearMix studio gives producers control over their guest's devices along with a notepad for live-logging the call.

ClearMix is a remote video production studio. The majority of videos they produce are customer testimonials recorded by professional producers with TV news experience.

The software they had been using was built for podcasts and failed them constantly: files were lost, guests couldn't figure out the device management. Bringing the technology in-house would allow them to fully tailor it to their process.

Sprint Timeline

Day 1
Kickoff Call

Full Sprint was joined by the ClearMix CTO, Gabriel Ruttner, Georgia Dawkins, the Head of Production, and Fellipe one of the producers for a brainstorming session. The User Journey mapping exercise helped identify the two critical flows for launch: Guests and Producers.

Days 2-3
Discovery Interviews

ClearMix worked with several contract producers. Our conversations with them introduced two important needs that we weren't thinking about:
1. Ability to extend the view to see the full width of field that the guest's web-cam recorded.

2. A mechanism for suggesting changes to the user's devices, essentially temporary access to which mic or camera the guest's computer was using.

"Even the idea of us needing to walk them through how to enable that camera. On the riverside back-end I can't request permission to change the camera. Or when the new camera pops in, chrome is not asking for me to change cameras. I wish somehow it asked me immediately whether or not to use the usb camera."

Evan Altshuler
ClearMix Producer
DAy 4
Design Round 1

With the requirement pinned down, we set out to wireframe the full experience from start to finish. We wanted to be sure that we had the full scope of the application identified.

Day 5

The production team joined us for our call. They loved the wireframes but wanted us to introduce a system for rating the experience at the end of the recording.

Days 6-8
High Fidelity Design

We had sketched out the basics of the design, but needed to make it look and feel real for testing. The ClearMix team had some branding done, but we needed to identify how that would translate to a digital product.

Day 9

The fun part! ClearMix had introduced us to a few former guests. They joined us for a video call and talked us through the experience then offered feedback on the designs.

We also met with the producers from week 1. They helped us plan out a future roadmap with things like Chat, Live-logging for notes, and many more awesome feature ideas.

Day 10

We made it! ClearMix had a CTO and junior engineer already working on the mechanics of the studio. They took our design files, product documentation, and interview notes and launched the product within a month of our sprint. By the end of the summer of 2022 the production team had completed over 100 interviews with an average rating of 4.93 / 5!

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